Why Metal Roofing?

Longevity & Value

You can expect a metal roof to last 50+ years with little to no maintenance. If you plan to stay in your home for more than one lifecycle of an Ashphalt roof, then a metal roof will actually end up costing you less. Metal roofs will retain more value in the resale market as they are considered an upgrade, homes renovated with standing-seam metal roofing recoup on average 85.9-percent of costs according to Remodeling Magazine. These gains in resale value amount to 1 and 6 percent, respectively, over homes with asphalt shingles.

Weather Resistance

How does a metal roof stand up to the elements?

Even the most basic metal roof is a shield against hail damage, but of course some products and roof designs offer even greater protection. To protect against hail damage, the optimal option is a heavy-gauge metal panel roof installed over solid plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing. Two of the most comprehensive post-storm studies found that such roofs survived even the biggest hailstones without punctures or leakage. In the worst cases, the damage to the metal was only cosmetic. Unlike Asphalt, metal does not lose it's hail resistance over time.
Snow buildup on a roof can cause problems such as ice daming and leaks, with a metal roof you won't have to worry about this as the properties of metal allow for snow and water to shed right off.
Metal roofs can withstand wind gusts as strong as 220km/hr and because they consist of large interlocking panels, they’re less susceptible to uplift than individual asphalt shingles.
Our metal roofing system is unique in that it has no exposed fasteners and requires no drilled holes. Unlike systems which require fasteners to be drilled through puncture holes in the metal itself, our system will not need to rely on a washer to keep the roof system from leaking!
One of the biggest misconceptions about metal roofs is that they would attract lightning, it is true that metal is a conductor of electricity however lightning will only strike objects that have a direct path to the ground, your metal roof is not grounded so lighning has no reason to strike it. As well, if your home is built with traditional building materials, any electricity from a lightning strike would be safely transfered to the ground and occupants would be unaffected. Should the extremely rare chance of a lightning strike to your home, a metal roof's inflammable nature would ensure your home would be even more unaffected than a roof consisting of other materials.
Metal roofs are non combustible and given a class A fire rating (the most resistant)

Modern Appeal

Metal roofing is the newest booming trend in new builds, whether it be a ranchhouse, craftsmen, farmhouse, modern style home, etc, a metal roof will add style and character.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is one of the most eco-friendly roofing solutions, consider the fact that over 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles fill landfills every year, shingles are the biggest contributor to building-related wastes, while metal on the other hand is 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life cycle.


Review some of our most commonly asked questions. Still have questions? Contact Us

Review our commonly asked questions

Is metal roofing noisy in the rain when installed on my home?

No. When installed on a 2X2 battens or a solid wood deck the panels have enough support to deaden any noise created from the panels. You can expect your roof to produce the same noise as any other roofing product whe installed in a residential environment.

What is the warranty on your product?

Our material has a 40 year paint warranty.

Will metal roofing panels rust?

No. All Alberta Direct Metal roofing panels are made from metal that has been treated prior to the roll forming process. This prevents the metal from oxidizing and rusting.

What pitch is the minimum pitch I can install metal panels on?

We recommend a pitch no lower than 3/12 for installation of our standard 1" rib Snaplock panel.

Do I have to remove my old roof?

No. You can leave your old roof in place and install 2x2 battens over the top of the existing roof, then fasten the new roof directly over top. This is a environmentally friendly way to orchestrate the install, as it keeps waste out of our community landfills.

Is a metal roof difficult to maintain?

Steel roofing typically requires little or no maintenance. If you have leaves and debris that build up on your roof it is recommended to have these removed seasonally, a simple garden hose can be used to wash down your roof if required.

Can I pick up my materials to avoid shipping fees?

Yes you can. Please bring a trailer to our Central Alberta warehouse to load your supplies.