From underlay to fasteners, we use only top rated material on every Alberta Direct Metal project.

Underlay UDL 30

Underlay, Premium air, water and vapor barrier for metal roof projects

  • SURE-FOOT® slip resistant walking surface and an advanced resin technology to provide superior walkability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Rated for up to 6 months UV exposure
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D226 Types I & II
    and D4869 Types II & IV
  • ICC ES Approved
  • Class A Fire ASTM E108 - CAN/CSA A220.1
  • Rated for class 4 Hail Rating
  • 100% Recyclable
  • All temperature performance -40°F to 240°F
  • Cool gray surface, doesn’t expand or contract


1" Wafer Head

Used for hidden fastener systems

wafer head screw

7/8" Stitch Screw

Used for flashings

1" 1/4 Wood Grip Screw

Used for field panels

Ice and Water Shield

Ice & Water Shield provides roof leak protection against wind driven rain & ice dams.

  • Ensures a watertight seal, protecting roofs from harsh Albera weather conditions
  • Forms superior laps which helps ensure a watertight installation
  • Ensures a high quality seal around roofing nails

Snow Stops

Snow Stops are an added feature to any metal roofing system. Snow Stops prevent dangerous movement of snow by holding it in place so it can melt completely or drop off in smaller portions. Snow Stops prevent damage from sudden avalanches all while remaining practically invisible. Ask us how to select the proper height, width and shape to fit your roof.